Relationship: Im/migrant
pilaf, main dish in Uzbekistan
pilaf, main dish in Uzbekistan

When I was just four years old my parents had found out that we had won a green card to this place called America. The fact that out of 1000 or more people we were chosen to go to America seemed incredible to me. I felt special even though I didn't know  much of what was going on. Before coming to the United States we had to go to this country called Kazakhstan because we had to pass the medical exam. There I had a sprained arm because I decided to ignore my parents and play tag with my cousin where I slammed into a wall because I was running really fast and couldn't stop myself on time. The point is, our parents are always right. We went back to our country in Uzbekistan, and six months later after receiving the official approval for immigrating to America we packed our bags and flew to the U.S. The first thing I remember doing when I arrived in America was crying and yelling out I wanted my grandma. Only problem was my grandmother was now on the other side of the world. It took me a while to get used to my new home. I had missed my family back in Uzbekistan and all of my friends. I had three sisters when we arrived here, and two years later I now had four sisters. When we first arrived here we lived with our cousins who traveled to America two years before us. Two weeks later, we finally got our own apartment and found ourselves surrounded with people who came from our country. I  believe everything happens for a reason and I'm glad to be where I am today, I am thankful. 

Year: 2006

– Dodaroy Tuychieva

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant