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Teen holding a phone wearing Bruins gear
Teen holding a phone wearing Bruins gear
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My father was a second generation American citizen. My grandfather Patrick was an immigrant from Ireland who fell in love with an American girl. My grandma was a Boston native studying in Ireland. My grandpa married her and followed her back to Boston, Massachusetts. They had three boys, the youngest being my father Joel in 1972. Three months later my grandfather Patrick passed away in a car accident. My grandpa Patrick's best friend Pete stepped up and took on a father role for my dad. My dad grew up as a typical Boston teenager loving sports and being a die-hard fan of any Boston sports team. In college my dad met a smart, pretty girl from Michigan. My dad followed her to Michigan and attended Michigan State. After college they Married and traveled the United States Having three kids in three different states. In 2007 my mom gave birth to me in Tampa, Florida. Having their first and only son they decided to name me after my grandfather Patrick. I am forever thankful to the man who gave my dad and my name. 

Place(s): Boston Massachusetts
Year: 1950

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Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant