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Dan Sages, was the 3rd of 5 children born to an affluent/educated Jewish family in Turkey. Dan started college there but decided in 1938 to complete his degree in the US, knowing no one.  One year in he transferred where a friend of his had enrolled. He completed his BS/ two MS degrees before taking a job with an engineering firm. He commuted to NYC by train where he was introduced to his future wife. By now the US entered WW II.  Distrust of foreigners was rampant, so he enlisted in the Army to show his commitment. After overseas assignments they returned to live and raise a family in the US. 
The result? I have always been comfortable with people from other countries. Through my father and the family overseas, I realized that the US was not the 'fount of all knowledge.'  This was useful when my employer was acquired by an overseas company. I seek my cousins' views on international matters.
So why immigrate?  Turkey is 99% Muslim. Being in such a minority was uncomfortable. 
Travel was not as convenient. No internet, Skype, Facetime, or cell phones in those days. Snail mail was extremely slow.
The US had warts then and now. Still the US was ‘the beacon on the hill,’ ‘the land of opportunity,’ and ‘the greatest force for good.'  That is true today, making the US the country to which people want to immigrate to. Immigration strengthens a nation as divergent viewpoints ensure issues are thoroughly vetted. Societal issues are complex; the debate around immigration is here to stay.

Place(s): Turkey
Year: 1938

– Gregory Sages

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