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The image of me looking at the tower.
The image of me looking at the tower.

The object that I chose for this project is a picture of me looking out at the Eiffel Tower in Europe, Paris and it was taken about three years ago. I had been wanting to go to Paris since I was eight after I saw a video of the Eiffel Tower. After I saw it, it became a wish for me to see it in person. So, my mother made a promise to take me after my middle school graduation. She fulfilled that promise when I graduated eighth grade. On the plane there, I could barely sit still as I was constantly twitching with excitement. 

After a long, eight hour plane ride, we finally arrived at Paris. One of the first things that we did was see my dream place, the Eiffel Tower. I couldn't stop smiling as I looked at it. After years of wishing to see it in person, there I was, finally able to admire it in person and not on a screen. 

My mother took the photo of me looking out at the Eiffel Tower and it’s been one of my favorite photos. Not only because it reminds me of how happy I was when I saw the Eiffel Tower, but also because it’s a great reminder of the trip that my mother and I had. This had been our first trip in a very long time where it was a mother-daughter trip between us two. My mom and I hadn’t been able to spend much time together before this trip. I was very busy finishing off middle school while she was very busy with her work. We both had a blast being able to see artifacts and try new foods. The trip without a doubt gave us that time to bond. I’m always reminded of how much fun we had together when I look at that photo, which is another reason why it’s so dear to me. 

Place(s): Paris, Europe

– Gianna Velez-Beam

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