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Pictures of my mom, grandma, her sister, and aunt in Trinidad
Pictures of my mom, grandma, her sister, and aunt in Trinidad

When the time came for my grandmother and her three children to move to the United States, there was not much that they brought here except for clothes, saved money, and photo albums. This picture represents only one of the many albums that she owns and cherishes.  My grandmother never worked; she stayed at home to care for her and her sisters’ children. This, along with being neighbors, brought the whole family close. By migrating to NY, she was forced to find a means of living. Her one and only job that was available for her was a housekeeper and babysitter. This transition for her, especially now, has affected her mental and physical state; resulting in many hospital visits and financial instability. Despite the many opportunities that the United States offers, such as free health care, a good education, and religious freedom, it also offers a socioeconomic strain within families. When all the children migrated here, many followed behind their parents. Some stayed in Trinidad, or migrated to D.C, while others moved to different boroughs within NY. This has slowly broke the family apart, although everyone was able to have a home of their own. Looking back at these pictures every once in a while, reassures me that my family lived a fun, comfortable yet happy life back home in Trinidad. It motivates me to visit at least once every 1-2 years, and get that same experience that my family went through in order to pass the Trinidadian culture on to my kids. 

Place(s): Trinidad, NY
Year: 1997

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant