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My ancestor Peter Miller
My ancestor Peter Miller

This is a picture of Peter Miller, my great great great great grandfather.  Peter Miller was born in 1793 and died in 1885.  He lived his entire life in east Cocalico, Pennsylvania.  I think this picture is cool because it's my ancestor and there are not many pictures of someone born before 1800.  What's also interesting is that the chair he is sitting in, we have down in our basement.  His son Franklin Miller was a veterinarian also in Pennsylvania.  Franklin kept detailed accounting of his work in a notebook which we also have.  On the first page of that notebook it records that Peter Miller's mother and father, Rudolph and Margaret Miller, immigrated to America from Switzerland on October 29, 1770.  Also recorded in the notebook was Rudolph’s profession, making baskets and hunting for fur.  
My father and my great grandmother visited the property that Rudolph Miller purchased upon arriving in 1770.  The stone house where Peter is seated is modest and was reported to have been built around 1820.  The remains of an older much smaller house that the family lived upon arrival to the colony (not yet America) is on the property as well.
I think this is a very interesting artifact because it has a huge story behind it and it leads to other artifacts like the notebook.  I think it's quite cool that my family keeps these ancient artifacts and were able to preserve it for 200 years so people could learn from it like me.

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