A passport is a thing that ensures admission to or the achievement of something. In fact, this definition very closely matches my feelings toward this artifact of my family’s history. Not to mention, this very item is what enabled my great grandpa to enter the United States through Ellis Island from Romania and create an amazing life. It was my grandma, actually, who told me about this passport which was her father’s, and the sentimental value it always had. I connect to this object during holidays when my family is altogether, and often wonder what my life would be like if I had met my great grandpa Max. As well as this, this object is important to me because if my great grandpa had not used this passport to enter the United States, my grandmother would not have been born, and my family would not exist. This passport, moreover, connects me to my culture because my entire family is from many countries in Eastern Europe including Romania, Germany, Hungary, Poland and more, so having the item that enabled us to connect two different worlds has a lot of meaning to me. Furthermore, America has always been full of opportunity, and I’m glad my family was fortunate enough to achieve such abundance here, and create a life for themselves that will remain in my family’s hearts forever.

Year: 1938

– Camryn S

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