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Relationship: Im/migrant

My name is Gustavo I am 17 years old and I was born in a small city in south of Brazil. Many families in Brazil when you are child you go to their grandmother house on the weekends. That was my life. When I was kid probably 5 to 7 years old, I broke my teeth, therefore my grandmother had an idea to make a silver necklace with my teeth. Back then I said “do not do this it is not good idea”. But my grandmother did not listen to me and made the necklace. The necklace was made with real silver and has a circle around my teeth to hold them. And years after a get a star of David on the necklace  that my grandfather give to me.  Now I think It's very beautiful. And I'll stay with the necklace to remember the good times I had with them, and also they will always be in my memory.

Place(s): Brazil, America
Year: 2014


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant