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Yemeni women wearing a niqab.
Yemeni women wearing a niqab.

The niqab is a cultural habit in my country. Some people wear it from the religion side, but our religion does not say that. In my country, we have a different kind of hijab and veil, and different opinions by how the women cover themselves. The niqab is special to me because it makes me feel safe and comfortable in my country. If I would be in my country now I had to wear the niqab because this is my culture there and I respect that. I was much excited to be big and I can wear it but I came to America before I should be wearing the niqab all the time. When I traveled to Djibouti I was shopping in the Yemeni store and I see the niqab and I liked it and I buy it thinking that I will need it in America. So I wear it in America when we have a marriage occasion at the wedding hall when the groom enters the wedding hall to meet with his wife and dance together. All of the women wear the niqab at the time in which will be more respectful and courteous by letting the groom see only his wife and not make him confuse because at that time we all have a lot of makeup and we look very beautiful. Also, I don’t wear it in the street because I don’t feel comfortable when I wear it in America because people are feeling strange to me. A lot of people think the niqab is part of a religion but it's not. It’s only a social custom in Yemen and in some countries. In Arab countries from a long time, they wear the niqab. So when I wear the niqab I feel that I represent my country and my culture. 

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2016

– T.F.

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