Cockatiel I had in Brazil, Nick
Cockatiel I had in Brazil, Nick

I had a cockatiel when I was ten years old. I gave him a name, Nick. He was special for me because my mom and my dad saved money to buy one because when I was a kid I was always asking for a bird. I  am the one that stays with him the most. I treated him like a really good friend. I have an uncle that likes every single animal, but his favorite is fish and then birds. When Nick was old enough, to make sure he would not fly away, we brought him to my uncle to remove just the tips of the wing feathers. But when I came to the United States my mom let Nick with my other uncle and some months after I came to the US, a snake ate Nick. I was mad with my uncle for some months, but now we are good because I was 12 years old so I was immature. I learned to forgive him and now I know it was an accident. Some weeks after I forgave my uncle, my mom and my dad said that they would buy another bird, but all the places that we lived here in the US, the owners didn’t allow any animals and we have a lot of things to pay for still in Brazil so we cannot buy a lot of things at that this time. I want to have another cockatiel one day but I need to get a job first because now I want to buy a bird with my own money.

Place(s): Brazil

– LG

Relationship:  unknown unknown