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This looks like my room.
This looks like my room.
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My room is important to me because it helped me mature and have more responsibilities. I always keep my room clean because that's all I ever wanted: a clean room and with a brother in the room although it was fun they are so messy. I am beyond grateful for my parents because they worked so hard to make this possible for me and them. 
I remember when I was little, I always wanted my own room. Me and my family lived in a small apartment with one bedroom and me and my brother would sleep in the living room. My parents had just arrived from Mexico and my brother was born a couple months later. My parents were all saving up until we were finally able to move into a bigger apartment. There were 2 rooms now but me and my brother were going to share it. 

I understood the circumstances that we were in and I shared it for a year. My brother grew older so we got separated.I was so angry on the inside that I would imagine myself in a rink with my parents. 

In July of this year we moved again and this is our permanent house for a couple years. My brother still got one of the big rooms but I think I like mine better than his. My room is very vintage and I like how I decorated it. One of the things I learned is that whenever there is an obstacle in your life once you get through it better things come. I was so impatient to have my own room and would always be frustrated but now I have my own room and I am in love with it. 

– Kimberly Palomino Sanchez

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