My Parents

Relationship: Im/migrant

This photograph that I brought in my purse is of my parents when I decided to move to the USA. When I had to leave my parents there were many tears in my life. It was so sad for me.  They taught me beautiful things like respect, honesty, love and more. It was very hard knowing l had to travel without them and not be able to see them for a long time. When I moved here to the USA I got married and I had my daughter a few days after my mother died. I couldn't go back to Colombia for the funeral. It was very very sad, but I had to be strong because of my daughter. I didn't want anything bad to happen to her.
I missed my mother and my father so much, they were exceptional parents. Later I brought my father to the USA, but one year later he passed away. They left great memories in my heart. I will miss them for ever. I will love them for the rest of my whole life.

Place(s): Cali, New York
Year: 2001

– MM

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant