My necklace

The gold necklace
The gold necklace

My object shows a great representation of my culture and my family.  Many follow  religious beliefs of being hristian, Catholic,  Hindu or being Jewish. My family practice Buddhism. We believe especially in being reborn. My necklace, that I wear everyday, was passed down through two generations before me. It belongs first to my grandfather then to one of my eldest uncles. The necklace was saved for me when I was born. My family came from Cambodia. During the Khmer Rouge they Fled to Thailand then later to America. After years of hard work My grandparents eventually bought their first home in Lowell. They took trips back to Cambodia where they would buy jewelry from stores, bring more family over when they could, as well helping my family still in Cambodia with whatever expenses they had. Eventually when my family really settled down in the U.S., my grandparents had my mom, my aunts, and my uncles. Then eventually my mom had me and my siblings. I was born in November unfortunately when my oldest uncle passed away. My grandparents believe that I was his reincarnation.The real special thing about my necklace is what it provides for me. My grandma especially prays good energy into it. Whether it's her praying for my safety, luck, or even things like wealth. Even when it comes to times where I just feel I need more luck I praise it. Lastly, My necklaces really connects me with my family. Not just that my necklace provides me with a sense of closure, help when I need it, and just a real sense of being safe.

Place(s): Lowell, Cambodia

– Jdominguez

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant