My mums handkerchief

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Mums handkerchief
Mums handkerchief

 My object is a handkerchief. Its used for blowing your nose, wiping your tears, and also for wiping your sweat. My Great-Grandmother used this handkerchief back in her time in Trinidad. Nowadays its passed down. My Mum currently has it. The handkerchief is cotton with lavender edges. Since it has been passed on from my Great-Grandmother (who has other many handkerchiefs all bought in Trinidad), to my Grandmother, to my Mum. I will get the handkerchief (and many others), when I am older.

I choose this object because, I never knew my  Great-Grandmother but if she were still alive I would want to, Its away for me to know her from one of her objects.This object is connected to me through my Mum. My Mum immigrated here from England in 1982 when she was eleven. Most places have handkerchiefs. But this one was made where i'm from so it does teach on where i'm from.

Some questions I have for my Great-Grandmother are, Where was the shop you got it from? Why did you get a white and lavender one? Did you get it for a birthday or something special? That's all my questions! I hope this is mine one day.{ Thanks for reading! Have a nice day or evening depending on what time you are reading this!}


Place(s): Poland
Year: 1960

– Ludivine Wierzbicki

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant