My mothers old wedding ring

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Photo of me holding the ring.
Photo of me holding the ring.

A year ago my mother and I were going through old clothes and jewelry, and when looking, we found her old wedding band my biological father got her some time after they got married. Having divorced a long time ago she never got around to selling it. That's when she offered it to me. At this point I have never been given anything by a family member besides gifts for holidays. We don't really have anything that has been passed down generations that I'm aware of besides really old plates. So I thought that this ring might be one of the only heirloom passed down to me.
I haven't seen my biological father in a little over a decade, if you were to tell me to point him out in a crowd I wouldn't recognize him. He has never served a meaningful purpose in my life and probably never will. I'm perfectly fine with that. I’ve always had a mother who has taken care of me, and now a real father that cares about me.
Although I do hold some ill will towards my biological father, I don't hold any to this ring. To me, It's just a ring some stranger gave to my mother, and that she now gives to me. Its not a ring that commemorates the union between my mother and biological father, but a link that brings me closer to my mom when she’s gone. Although too small for me to wear, I still treasure it. For now, the ring sits on the palm of one of many porcelain dolls I have. When ever I look over and see its dull gold, i’ll remember my mother and family.

Place(s): Norfolk

– PS

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant