My Mom's Oregano Shaker

Relationship: Im/migrant

  I want share my oregano shake bottle, which was made for brand of salt. Many years ago my mom bought her salt bottle like she usually does every month at the supermarket. One day she decided to use one salt bottle for her oregano. That oregano was so special because her uncle Ide brought it from his workplace. He worked selling crops. Ide who died 8 years ago. He was the nicest person I ever met. He visited us every night. I remember as an adolescent sometimes I had differences with my mom. Ide was the person who listened to us. He gave the right to whoever was right and explained to us why. Uncle Ide told Mom the best way to process oregano from leaves to powders. Mom put them in the sunlight until they dried, cleaned her hands, ground them, and  ready to use. My first visit to the DR, Mommy called me with a low voice note in which I noticed some sadness. I assumed that she felt a lot of attachment to the pot, like me now. She told me “Look Eli, I’m going to give you my oregano pot. I want you to have it so that you feel like in our home when you cook.” That situation I found strange because Mommy is not very affectionate  mother. I feel mom's love every time I use that pot of oregano. The same pot brings me sad memories and happiness. I feel an indescribable love. I do not allow anyone to fill it when it is almost empty as I take care of it as a treasure.

Place(s): New York, The Dominican Republic
Year: 2004

– E. Ramos

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant