My Jersey in Ivory Coast

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Star Boy Soccer Team
Star Boy Soccer Team

 My object is a Star Boy jersey.  It is black and white and orange and made from cotton. We use it when we play soccer on Saturdays or Tuesdays. On holidays we use the jersey to play with different teams. It is important to me because when I see the jersey I remember all my friends from Ivory Coast and when I play soccer I feel good. One day in Ivory Coast me and my friend didn't have a jersey and we decided to buy a jersey and we started working as a team and we bought it. We started working in a factory for the new jersey. During work, I hurt myself on my left hand. When the work time was done we were waiting to buy the new jersey then I had to come to the United States. I never wore the new jersey. But when I was in the United States my brother sent the picture of the club.  They were wearing the new jersey. When I see the scar on my hand I remember my team  and all my friends, my country, and my jersey.

Place(s): Ivory Coast
Year: 2021

– P.N.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant