My Important Family

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a picture of my father and mother.  We took the photo in Liberia. My family keeps the photo on the door of my house. The history behind it is on my father’s birthday we had a  party. It’s very important to my culture because it reminds my family of my late father. My culture is the most valuable thing in my life because in my culture we do many things such as having a great time as a family. In Liberia, my father was my best friend. My father told me more about how he married my mother and he give me more story about my family. I love my father and mother because they do more things for me. Now as you can see this is the way my father and mother’s picture is important to my family.  

Place(s): Liberia, United States
Year: 2018

– J

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant