My Hijab

Relationship: Im/migrant

I have different colors of hijabs and they are the cutest hijabs that I have ever seen. The colors are black ,pink,blue, brown, red, gray, purple, green, white, yellow, and orange.Also they are made of silk and chiffon,and if the hijab is sheer and if you can see through it ,I will wear a cap underneath.   

A hijab is part of my religion because it is a big thing for my life and I really love wearing a hijab.It is really, really fun to put my hijab on my head and do different styles on my head.   

My hijab represents my religion and when I go out of my house I wrap it in my head and when i'm done I put a pins in my hijab.I will continue to wear the hijab in my whole life and if I have daughters I will give them a hijab to wear. 


Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2014

– Ghaniah

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant