My Great-Grandparents

This photograph is of my great grandparents, Solomon Weinberg and Chava Pszenica, at their wedding in Warsaw. Both originally from the city, Solomon and Chava, who would eventually go by Eva, had two children during their time in Poland, though their older son Shmuel would die before the family immigrated to America. Solomon was conscripted into the Polish army, but realizing that Jews very rarely made it out of the army alive, decided to defect and leave for America. He was sponsored by his brother (whose name is unknown) and came to America through Ellis Island. He lived and worked in New York for five years before he was able to sponsor the rest of his family. After finally joining Solomon in America, Eva became pregnant once more with a daughter, Anna Weinberg, my paternal grandmother. 
As it hangs on the wall at my Aunt Suzy’s house, this photograph serves as a reminder of my family’s roots and story behind our coming to America. Though objectively common and simple, this story reminds me that I owe my existence to the sacrifices my great grandfather made in order to escape presumed death and provide his family with a better, safer life. With each generation becoming more integrated into American society, it is vital to remember our past and where we come from so we never lose the true essence of who we are. 

Place(s): Warsaw, Poland, New York
Year: 1933

– Shelby Gadol

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more