My Great Grandma's Rings


When my mom told me about the story behind the two rings, I was getting emotional.  This story goes with my Great Grandma and my mom.  My Great Grandma passed away in 1984.  When this happened everyone was wanting everything of what she owned and wore.  My mom said she was getting worried that she wouldn’t be able to get anything.  My mom went into my Great Grandma’s room and grabbed two rings.  The two rings she grabbed were certain one’s that no one grabbed.  The two she grabbed were cubic zirconia pearl ring and a real turquoise ring.  These two rings that my Great Grandma wore everyday in her two pinky’s.  My mom told me when I get older she’s going to pass down the ring’s to me.  When she said that I was full joy.  So the pearl ring she got off an Avon book many years ago.  The turquoise ring was chosen because she loved turquoise, the reason why is her culture.  My Great Grandma she was like almost a full on French, but she loved to express her other part which was Indian.  She always expresses that side of her. 

Place(s): Riverdale

– Sarah Romero

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more