My Grandpa's Photograph

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My Grandpa
My Grandpa
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Day of the dead is one of my family's favorite traditions. My family and I love to look back at photos of are passed away relatives. one of my mom's and my favorite photographs is my grandpa's photo. The reason I like my grandpa’s photo so much because I never got a chance to meet him and I heard really good stories about him It was a really sad day for me when he passed away. My mom told me that my grandpa really wanted to meet me but he never got the chance to talk to me or hug me. Later on, me, my mom made a shrine to remember him and to put flowers and food for him when the day of the dead comes so his spirit comes and visit my family. And I guess that's why Day of the Dead is one of my favorite traditions because I like to believe that my grandpa’s spirit is always with me taking care of me and guiding me to my future so I can have a good future. This picture means a lot to me, to me my grandpa was a hardworking, loving, and caring person that's why my grandpa is someone I really look up to he is the person I want to be. 

Place(s): Minneapolis

– Jorge Portillo

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant