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A Map

This story is about a photo in my house that once belonged to my grandfather who passed away before I was born. My grandfather, who I never got to meet, was a king of the sea. He was a tug boat captain for most of his adult life, but before he became a captain, he would embark on a great journey that most people wouldn't see in their lives. He met a man on the bench one day. That man's name was Peter and he was sleeping on that bench. Peter was only in town for a little bit as his job was to deliver yachts to people after they bought them. Morgan offers Peter to stay in his house as a good gesture, Peter would not soon forget that showing of good faith. As Peter leaves they exchange contact information so they may see each other again one day.

A couple of months go by and Peter calls Morgan offering him the adventure of his lifetime, saying he has to deliver a yacht to Tahiti from Florida. With no technology to use since this is the early 90’s Morgan and Peter venture to Tahiti with nothing but their trusted sexton and goods to trade with. They travel through the Galapagos and Tortuga trading for food and hand woven mollers. As they arrive in Tahiti there is little to no sign of the regular world there, its almost something pulled out of a movie. This adventure veered my grandfather to be an amazing captain, of course every captain needs a captain name. So everyone called him captain groovy, when he died from cancer in 2000 my grandmother honored him by creating a restaurant in his name and honor: Captain Groovys.

Place(s): Panama, Galapagos, Tortuga, Tahiti

– ND

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