My First High - Heels

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My First High-Heels
My First High-Heels
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My first pair of high-heels are special to me. I am NOT girly, but these shoes represent a few things to me: memories, loss, love, and summer. I’ve only worn these high-heels once. It was at the beginning of the Spring of 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was at my 8th-grade graduation, and boy was it hot! I was wearing a mainly yellow summer dress with my first pair of black high-heels. I also was wearing a purple ribbon that was attached to my dress. The love represents my friends and connections I’ve made over those 2 years. The loss represents the loss of a friend who has passed away. The memories are a sign of all the good experiences my friends and I have been through. The summer represents how hot it was during 8th-grade graduation. And the high-heels, they represent my 8th-grade lifestyle and life.To this day, I store my high-heels in my closet. They sit next to the other shoes that I use daily. The feeling of wearing my high-heels still sits with me. They hold the love I cherished for my friends. And the support my mom has for me since 8th graduation. I love them and will always cherish them. I will wear them on special occasions because I feel I have to.

Place(s): Minneapolis, Minnesota

– Amara Jackson

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