My favorite dish

This dish has chicken, rice, and sauce
This dish has chicken, rice, and sauce

                                  Ever since I was small, my mom always told me to go help her cook. Since I'm the oldest child I knew better than my siblings how things are wired and how to move around the kitchen. I would help her do the table or help her cook like cut the vegetables, make the sauce, etc. I would help her cook whenever I came back from school; it seemed as though the kitchen would turn into a restaurant.  On the weekends, mostly on Saturdays, I would make pancakes for my sister in the morning. When my mom was a teenage girl she would do the same thing by watching her older sisters and my grandma do the food. She learned how to do my favorite dish by watching my aunts whenever they would make it.   Mole became my favorite dish because one day on my birthday my mom had no idea what to make for my birthday party and she made Mole and since that day I started saying it's my favorite dish, not because she made it on my birthday but there's something about it that makes it really special.   Making this dish isn't easy; you have to keep mixing at the end for the sauce to come out how you want it. I haven't made it myself, but I helped my mom put all the ingredients she needed on a plate. But after that, I don't know how it becomes a sauce but I know you need to put much work into it. In the end, you have to mix for a while with the sauce: it's done when ¨no quieres que se corte¨ or it won't come spicy and dulce or how you want it. Other Moles I have tasted come out dulce and dark.

Place(s): Napa California

– yenifer Aguilar

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