My Favorite Dish


My favorite dish is Hotpot. In China, we call this dish is “Huo Guo.” This dish is not difficult, but it should take a long time because we need to make a special soup.  If you say soup in China, it means that not spicy. Therefore when we make this soup, first of all, we need to put a lot of butter in the soup. Then comes important part: we need to put into lots of peppers. We need makes pepper with butter together. Finally, we need to put the chicken in the soup. That takes a long time. However, this dish only needs simple vegetables, for example, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, etc. For meat, we like to use some beef and pork. Sometimes we like to put some fish and shrimp into the soup.  Therefore, in my hometown, we can choose different level spicy.  That is why I chose this dish because it has an important reason for me, in my family, we like to make this dish because we love spicy food. However, my last meal at home was Hot Pot, and at that time was my father do this dish for me, so I felt really surprised. Normally this dish always is my mother does. My family is always busy. We do not have a lot of time to sit together eating. However on the last day, we had this dish, and we ate it for a long time, at the same time, we talked a lot, they want to me have good times in the New York.

Place(s): China

– Eunice

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