My family truck

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
the truck I learned to drive in
the truck I learned to drive in
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This is the truck I am learning how to drive. The first time my mom tried to let me drive was on our way back from her work. It was really nerve-racking. My mom is an easy person to scare and when I got in the driver's seat she was grabbing onto everything that she could. As I started to step on the pedal, she started saying "Go slow!" but I was going 40 miles per hour on a 60 miles per hour highway, so I was already going pretty slow on this road. I was driving for a good half mile and then we got to an intersection and I was slowing down when she started to scream. But I was doing it right! When I made the turn to go to Napa, she made me switch lanes so I put the blinker on to switch lanes but I forgot to look into the mirrors and she got scared because there was also a car behind us and thankfully they noticed that I made the switch and we did not crash. My mom said that that was enough for today so she made me pull over and she drove. 
Learning to drive allowed me to share an experience with my mother. No one ever taught her to drive, somehow she taught herself. I was the first person that she taught to drive and I may be the last one she teaches. I'm now being taught by her boyfriend.

Place(s): Napa, CA
Year: 1995

– Erik Lopez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant