My Dad's Watch

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my father's watch
my father's watch

“5 minutes early is 10 minutes late” was something my dad said often. Being in the navy formore than 20 years, he was always required to be on time, and even after he retired, he stillmade an effort to not be late to things. My dad would always have his watch on for this veryreason. The watch was made for divers and is waterproof, meaning he could wear it even if itwould get wet. The hands and hour markers glow in the dark, so he could tell the time, day ornight. When I was younger and couldn’t sleep, I’d look at the parts that glow in the dark whichhelped me calm down and reminded me that I wasn’t alone. The outer rim of the watch couldspin in one direction and my dad would let me mess with it when I was bored. I loved his watchand it brings back many fond memories for me. I never got to ask him, but I think he wouldappreciate it if I used his watch, and it would be something that I would pass down if I ever havekids. 


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