My Dad’s Jersey

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My Dad’s Jersey
My Dad’s Jersey

(As you can see from the picture, my dad used the jersey a lot)

My object is a jersey that my dad gave to me. When my dad was my age (10) he played flag football. This was his jersey, it's blue for his team and has the number 32 on both sides. Since back then they didn’t put names on jerseys. When you play flag football you wear a belt with a flag and the other team has to try to grab the flag and you have to grab their flag.
My dad loves this jersey. It was so important to him and even when he wasn't playing flag football he wore it. My dad didn't know it but my grandma ( his mom) saved it for him from when it stopped fitting him to now, a lot of years later.  Now my dad gave the jersey to me so that maybe I can pass it down to my own children and then they will pass it down. I chose this item because my dad loved it so much. I don't want something that he loved to go in the trash. I'm glad my grandmom knew my dad loved that jersey or it wouldn't be here right now. This jersey was special to him.

– JC

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