My Dad and his best friend

At least 50 years of friendship
At least 50 years of friendship

My dad's dream, ever since he was little, was to move to America. In 1996, he was able to achieve his dream. I know living without his best friend must have been hard. Especially because they grew up together. Thankfully in the early 2000's, his best friend was able to follow suit. My dad had to make clothing for a living. After moving to New York City, he eventually became a Pastry Chef for several years before becoming a taxi driver to support his growing family. On the other hand, my Dad's best friend (whom I call "Uncle") was a successful lawyer back in Bangladesh. When he moved to New York, he also eventually became a taxi driver. 

My Dad and my Uncle have been through so much together. Moving to a new country is never easy, but having your best friend there with you make it so more bearable. They both love living here, and often say that while they miss Bangladesh, they can't imagine moving back there permanently. I'm grateful that my Uncle moved here. His daughter is my best friend. We have come full circle, she and I grew up together, we're there for each other like our are parents are. Our Mom's are incredibly close as well, not a day goes by that they don't talk to each other. If both of our families were located in different parts of the world, I wouldn't have my best friend, my Mom wouldn't have hers, and my Dad's friendship with my Uncle would have been on this level too. When moving to a new place, having someone you know, learning the ropes together, giving each other advice, and just being there for each other, it's something I wish everyone can have. 

Place(s): New York
Year: 1996

– S.W

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child