My cultrue mixed belly

Relationship: Im/migrant

My mom came to America around 2004. She has always been unique compared to the others in her hometown because she closed down her laundry shop and came here to find opportunities in the US, while others were still the “good wives” in China. 8 years later, I passed the immigration border. One thing we both can’t leave behind, even after so many years eating burgers and cheese, is the taste of our hometown that’s been in our memeriories since childhood. We came from the north-eastern of China called Shenyang that used to be the capital of China. It is very obvious to tell we came from the north-eastern based on our unique accents and behavior, as well as the food. Traditional NE food can only be found in Flushing, Queens; it is even difficult to find in Chinatown in Manhattan. Every once in awhile, we go there to satisfy us in the most obtainable way: eat! There’s stewed chicken with mushroom, “soul of shadow” pork, corn cake on the edge of the pan, pickled cabbage with pork bone. Because of the cold, dry climatic reasons, ancestors have to cook the food the most lasting way possible, pickle, fried, stew, made the most popular dishes on every northerner’s table, and this taste, will never be forgotten no matter how far we are away from home.

Place(s): Shenyang, New York

– Ziyi Z.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant