My Cockatiel Named Rey

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My bird Rey.
My bird Rey.
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     Something that is important to me is my pet. He’s a cockatiel and his name is Rey. It was a gift from my godmother. He came to our house in May 2020 at 7 months old, now he is 3 years old. My mom and my siblings went outside first. Then, when I heard the word “bird” I immediately got up and went outside to see and know what they were talking about. Me and my Godmother said hi to each other and I asked her “what do you have in your hands?” and responded “Take a look” and so I did. When I saw what she was holding, it was the bird I always wanted as a kid. It was the most beautiful thing I have laid eyes on.         “It’s so pretty. Is it a boy or girl?” I questioned, “It’s a boy,” my godmother answered. She was telling us how she went to Chicago, Illinois to get him. Then, my godmother had to leave. We went back inside and had fun with the new pet. We I took a lot of pictures along with recording videos of him. We put him in an old cage where I used to keep my old birds.       A couple of days later, we went to Petco to buy a bigger cage along with toys so he would distract himself. Me and my family got home and my mom and dad were building the cage and putting the toys. After my parents finished, they put Rey inside the new cage and he liked it. 
     Rey is important to me because I always wanted a pet like that since I was a kid. They always accompany me, teach them how to give kisses, and they learn how to sing. He is important to me because my godmother gave me this gift with a lot of love and I will have something to remember her. 

Place(s): Outside my house

– Dennis Buenosaires

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