My Brother’s Necklace

In Attire

My Brother’s Necklace When we were in the Dominican Republic, my brother and I had a close friendship. We enjoyed each other’s company and spent time together playing video games or baseball. We were always together. At the end of my second year of high school, my father decided to take me to the United States. At first, I was excited. I looked forward to seeing skyscrapers and playing baseball. Then I realized I’d be leaving my brother behind. After my father gave me the news that I would be leaving with him, I spent just one week with my brother. When the day to leave finally came, I spent the whole morning crying because I didn’t want to leave without my “little man.” He was crying, too, but it was because he saw me crying. Finally, he and my mom took me to the airport. As I walked to the gate, my little brother ran up behind me and gave me his necklace with his name on it, “Emilio.” Three years later, I still have it. I have worn his necklace and used it for strength. It is one thing that reminds me that I have a brother who loves me. It doesn’t matter if we’re together or not. My first 2 years didn’t go as I wanted. I was without Emilio, but after 2 1/2 years, he came to live with us and now I still have his necklace, but I also have him.

Year: 1500

– Yojancer Ramirez

Relationship:  unknown unknown