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I would have never thought to ever attend a funeral in my life, especially someone that had meaning to me, someone special now I carry them everyday with me on my wrist. I met Dafnne in 6th grade, she was the new girl at my middle school, my friends knew her so I would hear a lot about her from them. I got introduced to her by my friend Jonathan; Someone I've grown closer with since middle school. At first we were awkward with each other but within a couple weeks we instantly connected and even made a handshake where at some points you flap your thumb to make the action of a butterfly flying up and down and at the end you snapped your thumbs. Later that year entering 7th Grade covid hit which made us not see each other anymore, that never stopped us we would always be non stop on facetime calls, google and zoom meetings with our friends Karen and Yeison. My birthday came up and invited all of them over. After that night I think every single one of us grew together emotionally and spiritually. I would hang out with them or Dafnne everyday either her house, my house or this youth mentoring program we would all go to. I got very close with Dafnne’s family: Her sister Danna would always drive us around either she hated it or liked it or didn’t mind I never found out.

– alexander

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