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"shrek" movies
"shrek" movies
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Me and my family watch a movie every Friday-Sunday night. We never miss a night without watching a movie. We watch so many movies that we have two DVD cases and the most recent movie we watched was Aladdin (live-action). Me and my family always have to have snacks with us because who watches a movie without snacks. Also, keep in mind that we buy those snacks the same day and we finish them that same day. Yeah, we eat a lot. You might be wondering what is so important about movies you just watch them, like it for one week and forget about, well my friend from those movies we create more memories, we laugh, cry, get angry, and even get stressed out because we get so into the movies that we even imagine that we are in it. At the end of the movie we kind of talk about the movie while we are brushing our teeth to go to bed. For example, if it was good or not, what they should have added something like that. Me and my dad always complain about “Ice age” because in the first movie there is a little boy they saved and me and my dad want the boy to return as a grown man and well me and my dad explain it better in person. Then there is “Shrek”, me and my family love that movie series we have all the movies even the holiday specials. We also love the movie series “Kung fu panda” and “Madagascar”. I think me and my family could have added more details if we were the movie directors mostly because we have watched those movie series more than anyone could have in a billion years. We started this habit since I have memory and I would never change that in a billion years!

Place(s): Minnesota, Brooklyn center
Year: 2000

– Jennifer

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant