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Mooncakes at Night 
My object is a mooncake. This is a tradition from Mid-Autumn Festival. The food was from the tale of a person who flew to the moon. Once there were 10 suns in the sky. A man came and shot 9 suns. There was only 1 sun left. A god gave the man some pills to have a long life. Someone heard about it and wanted to steal it. The man’s wife, Chung U, was trapped, so she ate the pills. Then, she became very light then floated to the moon living with a bunny. The man was upset that he had lost her wife.

We eat mooncakes during Moon Festival. Taiwan & China celebrate this tradition at night to see the moon with the stars and the night sky. The tale is why Moon Festival is so important.

Place(s): New York, New York

– E.W.

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