get your money up not ya funny up
get your money up not ya funny up

 I chose my four objects based on who I am as a person and based on my cultural background. The reason I chose the caption I did for money is because of a cliche saying("money can't buy happiness") and to an extent I agree but at the same time money still does give me some joy. I chose it as an object because it motivates me to go harder and push myself, even when I was growing up I would always be interested on how to make some money. The reason I chose the quote I did for fried chicken is that in my culture fried chicken HAS to be crispy for it to really hit home. I chose it as an object because i grew up eating it, helped make it, and have had it way too many times to count. Also it helps me connect back with my southern roots knowing that back then people made this dish and came together and enjoyed each other's company and that bird. I chose the quote I did for Adidas because some people in my culture(usually older folks) always say how you can't mix Adidas with Nike. This shows that this brand has roots based in my city that people feel strongly enough to sometimes call you out if they feel your wearing it wrong. I personally like the brand because of the passion that people have towards the brand and due to the weight and history it holds. And finally I chose the quote i did for hair because waves is definitely a major part in my culture and has been for a very long time. Hair in general though has and will forever be a staple in black culture.  

– Cash Miles-Neal

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