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Not real bracelet similar.
Not real bracelet similar.

My object that I will tell you about is a bracelet that my mom has. The bracelet has my 2 brother’s and my birthstone. She first added my oldest brother’s birthstone, his is a ruby. When my second brother came along, she added one for him too. His is an opal. Then when I came along, she added mine. Mine is a sapphire. On her bracelet, the birthstones show up as red white and blue, which I think is a cool coincidence. Later on, my brothers and my dad and I got together and bought charms for her that meant something between us and her.  I got her a charm with two hanging hearts that say mom. Then, my dad and I got her 4 little keys that spell out L.O.V.E. Recently, she added a charm for her brother who passed away. She has had it for 8 years, going on to 9 years. To give some backstory, my mom ran away from her home when she was 14 due to her mom not taking care of her and her siblings. Her mom would drink all of the time and spend all of the money that they had on alcohol and treat her kids very poorly. Her brother had to take care of all 5 kids by himself. He did this because he was one of the older kids out of them. Her sisters had to work at a young age in order to just feed themselves. She then started a family with her now ex-husband and had my two brothers. She left him because he would drink all of the time and he was abusive. Then, she met my dad and had me. Now, she is happily engaged and has nothing to put her children into harm’s way. The bracelet she wears is to represent what she has accomplished in life even with her abusive history.

Place(s): United States, Texas, Illinois

– Michael

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