The molcajete is made out of volcanic stones that is shaped like a bowl and they use other stones to form the molcajete and the pestle is also made out of volcanic stones. My grandma gave my mom the molcajete and my mom brought it with her when she moved to the United States.My mom uses the molcajete to make salsa and food.The reason this molcajete is important to me is because My grandma had it and the molcajete is 58 years old.   The reason this item is important to me is because my grandma used to make food in Mexico andShe used to make salsa and made food to sell it. My grandma was 12 when her mom brought her the molcajete and she practiced making food.  Ingredients/recipe 

  •     5 plum tomatoes 
  •      2.    1 white onion 
        3.    12 stalks of cilantro 
        4.    2 serrano chiles    
        5.    2 cloves garlic 
        6.    1 teaspoon salt +salt to taste 
        7.    2 teaspoons cooking oil 
        8.    4 cups of water

    – Jimmy Martinez

    Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant