My "Cozy Corner" with my mirrorball.
My "Cozy Corner" with my mirrorball.

When I try to figure out what my story is, I always look towards music in my life, it's been the one constant thing that's been there to help me. Every song I listen to on a day-to-day basis is based on how I'm feeling. Throughout my life, I've had issues with being able to be my authentic self with friends and lost a lot of them due to being "weird" or doing things that were not popular. When I struggled with this a lot in 2020 Taylor Swift released a song on her album Folklore called Mirrorball. I felt like my feeling had been put down into words in a way I could never describe, I was a Mirrorball. When Taylor was asked to describe this song in her film on Disney +'s Folklore: Long Pond Studio Sessions she said, "We have mirror balls in the middle of a dance floor because they reflect light, they are broken a million times and that's what makes them so shiny, we have people like that in society too. They hang there and every time they break it entertains us. And when you shine a light on them it's this glittering, fantastic thing, but then a lot of the time when the spotlight isn't on them they're just still on a pedestal but nobody is watching them. It was a metaphor for celebrities, but it's also a metaphor for people who feel like they have to be on for certain people." This is exactly how I've felt for years and since this song I have found myself calling myself a mirrorball, feeling like people were always entertained by me breaking down. I have a mirroball hanging in my room as a symbol for me and who I am and I always feel comforted when I look at it.

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– Lexi Perrus

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