Metal Basketball Player


I named my item the Metal Basketball Player because it is a basketball player dunking a ball and it is made out of wires and other metallic pieces. I put it on the misc. section because it is a miscellaneous item but it still means so much to me and my family. For summer break, every year, my family goes to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and last year we went out shopping. My grandma and I sort of split off from the rest of our family to look for gift ideas. As we were walking through the line of shops, we caught sight of a stand that sold little characters made out of wire and metal. We thought that at least someone in our family would like it and we decided to look for one for my grandpa who, very recently and suddenly passed away. He was in love with basketball and we asked the man working there if he had any characters playing basketball. He said of course and showed them to us. There were a few choices but we found one that we really liked and it ended up being the one that I have in my room today to remember my grandpa by. The reason this object is so important to me is because my grandfather meant the world to me and it was a tragedy when I found out he had passed away. He had put the basketball player in his room and said it reminded him of me and that it made his day better. Now that he has passed I feel that I have to carry on the legacy of keeping it in my room and maybe someday I'll give it to my son to keep in his room.
                                                                 -Tyler Shilt

Place(s): Cincinnati, Ohio

– Tyler Shilt

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant