Matzo Ball Soup

You have probably heard about matzo ball soup but have you heard of the historical significance of this delicious Jewish food. Every Jewish holiday my family and I eat Matzo ball soup. Matzo ball soup is a classic recipe from Eastern Europe. My grandmother has been making matzo ball soup for as long as I could remember. It is commonly served at the Passover seder, but is also eaten all year round. Matzo ball soup is important to me because it reminds me of my grandmother. My grandmother does a lot for me and my family and I am very lucky to have her. It also makes me think of all my cousins. I remember when we were kids during the holidays at my grandmother's house, we would sit eagerly at the table with a smile on our face and the smell of Matzo ball soup in the air waiting to be served our favorite soup. Matzo ball soup connects to my identity and culture because it is a traditional Jewish dish that is made from Matzah. In fact, when Moses led the Jews from Egypt, all they had to eat was an unleavened mixture of flour and water that turned flat when left out in the sun to bake. As a result, out of respect for our ancestors, Jewish people can not eat all leavened forms of bread during Passover. The only bread we could eat is matzah, the same unleavened flour and water bread eaten by the Jews of the Old Testament. When I get older I plan to carry on my grandmother’s Matzo ball soup recipe.

Year: 1929

– Cassidy B

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