Relationship: Im/migrant
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It’s a city of immigrants. People are trying to have good relationships with others because mostly everybody is from someplace else. If New York will lose immigrants, it will lose its soul, because it’s historically a city of immigrants. If you take away immigrants from New York, it will be a completely different place, like any other town. Tourists will stop coming here because this is what attracts. There’s only one place on Earth where you can try food of almost all countries. No place is like this.  I can compare to my country, when someone comes as an immigrant, there is no real help. Basically no one will help you to learn the language, there are no special schools, it’s just on your own. You have to learn everything yourself. Here, at least in New York, you feel the support for immigrants. If you want, you can find it. 

Place(s): Russia, New York

– Marina

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant