Map of Switzerland


My object is a map of a place in Europe called Switzerland. It’s a simple black and white map made of paper and ink. Some people used it for travel. It was written in French and another language from the region. The map is fairly old so we keep it in a frame on the wall. It is divided into a few different squares.
 My parents got this in 2013 on one of their trips to Switzerland and hung it in our hallway. That happened shortly after we came back from our trip to the UK, Switzerland and other places in Europe. It doesn’t belong to anyone in particular, but my family shares it. The map is very old, and the places on it do not exist anymore. But when I went to Switzerland, I got to visit some places that were near where the places on the map used to be.
 It is important for me to know where I came from. My family knows very little about our ancestry, so it is nice that we know at least a little bit about where our ancestors originated. This object is important because the map is of a place nearby where some of my ancestors come from. I know that even though some of the places it shows are not there anymore, some of my ancestors had been there and I know that I come from places near there. Now every day when I walk past it, I look at it and am reminded of my family’s heritage.

Year: 2012

– E

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more