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Although it originated in Poland, my family from Czechoslovakia traditionally baked makovník (Mach-ov-nik) for special occasions. My great grandfather was a baker in Czechoslovakia and brought the recipe over to the U.S. when he immigrated in the early 1900s. It has become a tradition to have these desserts for holidays when the entire family is together. Our family does not get together often, but when they do, and my mom has enough time to make it, makovník is that much more special. It is a yeast bread that consists of a poppy seed filling that is rolled and baked in a loaf shape and is served sprinkled with powdered sugar. Because it takes so long to make, it is only made for special occasions  Since the recipe is based around yeast, the makovník needs to be left out to rise multiple times throughout the process. An alternative filling of nut and raisins in the same dough recipe is called orechovník.

Place(s): Czechoslovakia

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