Magnet Bracelet

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Magnet Bracelet
Magnet Bracelet
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Lucky Charm Bracelet.  By: Kennedy

My name is Kennedy and I'm here to tell you about a bracelet that has been in my family for a really long time and I want to share it will you!  Enjoy! 

My grandpa is West Indian and his father gave him a magnet bracelet when he was little.  My grandpa was having some bad days, so his dad gave him the bracelet.  He kept it with him for a long time.  When he had my mom he thought he had two lucky charms.  When my mom was thirteen my grandpa told her all about it.  My mom thought it was the best thing she had ever seen.

When my mom had me she was wearing the bracelet because she was scared to have me.  She named me after John F. Kennedy.  She thought I was going to be a leader.  Now that I am 8 I can have the bracelet for myself and give it to my little brother when he’s old enough to take care of it.  The bracelet will always be my good luck charm.

Place(s): New York, New York

– K.G.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant