Relationship: Im/migrant
traditional food of my country Honduras
traditional food of my country Honduras

An object that represents me is from my country and it is la Machuca. This is a traditional food of my country and my family that my family cooks a lot in my house. The Machuca consists of a soup with coconut, seafood and mashed ripe plantain and crushed green plantains. My grandmother cooked it every Sunday for my family. It came from my country Honduras. This is a tradition in my family and in my country. I was in my grandmother's house when she was preparing it. I do not remember when the tradition started because we ate it since I was little. My grandmother, my mom and I ate it together. This object is important for me because my grandmother cooked it for my family every Sunday and the recipe is traditional. Also because it was the place where we lived before coming to the United States. Machuca connects with my immigration experience because it's the food I brought from Honduras and now my mom cooks it here in the United States. My story can teach others that they can bring their typical foods from their country of origin and cook them no matter what other country they are in.


Place(s): Honduras
Year: 2018

– Destiny

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant