Lucky Coin

My parents come from a northern part of India called Gujurat. They came with very little, just some money and jewelry they had received from their parents. With this they came to America to start a new beginning. They had brought this coin which is said to give good luck or fortune. It’s a beautiful, slightly heavy, shiny silver coin with a religious icon depicted on one side. I think this coin represents a lot more than just immigration or migration alone. For instance, I think it represents a journey, a tradition, a family tree, a history. A journey because it took them from the known to an unknown, a tradition because this coin has been passed down from generation to generation along with the culture and values that comes with it. A family tree hopefully blossoms and with each generation passing it adds to the history of my family. As well I think this coin also give’s or represents senses of willpower or persistence, aspirations or goals. It represents the everyday life, the battling, the hope and the heart, regardless of Indian or American. It stands for all of my family members, everyday lives’, everything included and it speaks for all of us as a whole and as well as individually. The roads we take do not define us, it’s the roads we pave that do. With every day that passes, the bond, the sacredness and the integrity of humanity strengthens, regardless of specific race.

Year: 1990

– Alok Parekh

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