Little Buddha

Relationship: Im/migrant
Little Buddha that is a family relic
Little Buddha that is a family relic

The object that I chose to represent my family is a statue we call “Little Buddha.” Little Buddha has always been there for my family, shining light during the darkest times and bringing luck. Coming from Vietnam during the war, my family didn’t have much land in Boston, MA, all we had to tie us back was Little Buddha. Back then, it was common to be poor and my family wanted to be protected but didn’t have enough money to buy an extravagant Buddha, so we settled on a smaller one. Even though he was smaller, it didn’t diminish the significance he had on our family. My story could connect to others because a lot of families from Asia worship Buddha as a savior who would help in times of need and struggle. 

Place(s): Vietnam

– SN

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant