Like a old car

My car
My car

I was born and lived in Vietnam, but my family decided to emigrate to the US. Life here makes me feel like an old car, like when you look at it you think it will be worthless, impossible to go on, not as modern and luxurious as a new one, but it's as true as I think about it in the beginning. When we first emigrated to the United States everything seemed completely different from what I thought. There were new and interesting things to explore, but there were also things that you felt were not right.  I felt that I have no value compared to the local people here because my surroundings influence that thinking. Like language barriers, weather changes and other people around you. But I feel like I can change it as well as an old car, it can't run fast, it's not completely impossible and I will slowly take a little time to integrate into the new environment. When I first passed it felt like I didn't belong here because I felt so alien. But that change began to change when I started going to Dr. Wang High School. Because the school did not have many students from Vietnam, it was difficult for me to communicate and
 make friends at first. But the teachers and friends here are very friendly and social. They taught me how to use computers, play sports, teach me English so during that time my English had improved a lot. I have a lot of friends who also have stories and ideas about settlement into a new country like me and it gives me some empathy, such as language barriers, feeling I miss my homeland and the food. Up to now, I feel very happy and happy with what I am now.

Place(s): Vietnam and United State
Year: 2017

– TT

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant